elan was founded in 1997 by Günter Biert. With aplenty know-how and professionalism, he made the company an internationally active authority, which is proud to be able to look at a large network of architects, construction contractors and contractors as well as clients from the commercial, private and especially shop and retail sectors.
In the last 17 years, Günter Biert has led his long-term employee Andreas Knitter-Sander through all positions that characterize the company. Now this manager and tenant, shares Biert's ideals and leads with him as a consultant elan just as professionally, very experienced and reliable.


What distinguishes elan? Of course the people who work at and with elan! We are equipped with all technical areas that require lighting and electrical planning. From the creative lighting concept to the implementation of predefined illumination plans to the service-executing department elan affords every individual operation. According to this individual advice, differentiated case analysis and detailed solution concepts are our principle.

The drive is the exaltation for the phenomenon L I G H T.
It is the light that makes people visually recognize forms of existence - that makes things substantial.
According to Greek mythology, Prometheus gave the fire to humanity. Fire evokes existential light, but also means an ambivalence of life, warmth, strength and danger. "The light [...] is absolutely light, not heavy and resisting, but the pure identity with itself, [...], the first ideal, the first self of nature" Humans intervene in this natural phenomenon and are able to design, play, influence with light. This recognition enables elan to put light accomplished on for example the shop and retail area to ennoble products and / or to touch people emotionally. Light determines atmosphere, space and perception.

Decades of experience in handling of multifaceted lighting possibilities are one segment of elan. This department is represented by dedicated lighting planners, CAD draftsmen, master electricians and engineers, who individually assume the customer´s orders.
elan is basically independent of the manufacturer. This offers a wide - almost limitless - range of design possibilities. Creative, unique, very accurate and able to work with - almost - any idea is our lighting planning.

Equally noteworthy is elan's technical department, which constitutes a second important column of elan. There are also master electricians, technicians, engineers as well as assembly operators and warehousemen at work, who plan and process hand in glove - with maximum service and professional competence, reliably and flexibly. The base of all this is craftsmanship.

The third column of elan is a strong administration that makes the impossible possible and realizes the requirements of customers and clients empathically, responsibly, economically, directly and with a lot of experience.

elan means the constant use of the latest techniques and possibilities.
Without being too pathetic, we would like to conclude with an invitation from Leonardo da Vinci, which has not lost its importance since the beginning of the 16th century

„Look at the light and regard its beauty.“

M.A. phil. (Staatsex.)
Marcia Helen Sander
human resources management / consultant  


*Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich; philosopher of 18th century